Let go…

In past years I have had my one little word for the new year come to me by December. Not this year. This year has been a little more labor intensive to find it. I had a handful of words picked out but not one seemed right. Then I saw the Bible verse of Philippians... Continue Reading →


From my Studio: Native American Watercolor

A few years ago my brother-in-law and sister asked me to draw them a couple of tattoos. They had inspiration for each but wanted me to add my own touch to them. My brother-in-law has a bit of Native American heritage and is drawn to that style of art.

Watercolor Aspens

My favorite time of the year is Fall, followed closely by winter. Yep, I am a winter lover. But by far, fall is the best. The only problem...it doesn't last long enough! Living in Colorado, the annual migration from the city to the high country for Aspen peeping is a tradition in our house. It's... Continue Reading →

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