Having faith over fear in a scary world (free Bible study)

I came of age in the 80s. It was a time when every teenage girl in my small town wanted to be like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. “Girls just wanna have fun” was our anthem. Neon, large earrings, and funky prints were our uniform; Aquanet was our secret weapon. We were invincible.

For kids, the 80s was a fun time to grow up. For adults, it was also a scary time.

It was the decade that gave us the Cold War, AIDS, and living to excess.

True story: My science teacher, Mrs. Moser, during a routine tornado drill, informed us that if the Russians dropped the bomb we were to crawl under our desks for shelter. I was like, wait, what?

That advice is antiquated and laughable today, but she was dead serious with her directions…and her fear wasn’t lost on me.

Then, there was the movie Red Dawn. People were scared of the USSR. That fear showed up in movies, books, & music. No longer a carefree teenager, it was then I first realized there were big fears in the world. I thought for sure the four horsemen were coming. It was going to be the end—I was kind of an impressionable girl.

The world was scary then. It’s scary still. Today it’s the fear of a new virus.

Fear never gets tired, does it?

Today, you can’t escape it. Thanks to social media and the media in general, fear is on our hearts and minds daily.

My heart is tired of fear. It actually hurts. How do we fight against fear in this world? Because fear isn’t going anywhere.

We do it with FAITH. Faith over Fear.

“Do not fear” is written 80 times in the Bible because it’s important. It’s easy to get sucked into the fear mongers. The enemy uses fear as a weapon in our hearts. He uses fear against us so that our faith in God waivers; so when it feels like all hell is breaking loose, it’s harder to have faith that God has a plan.

So, let’s put faith over fear. 

Join me for the first Have Faith Studio Bible journaling prompt called Faith Over Fear. (It’s free.)

How it works:

  • You’ve read the above post about having faith over fear. Now, download the free Faith Over Fear journaling page by clicking the image above. I’ll wait.

Okay, let’s start with a prayer: Dear Lord, we come to you with a heavy heart today. Our fear is overwhelming us. We know that you are not the source of our worry and anxiety today. We ask that you lighten our burden. We have faith that you have this world under control. Help me remember your Word and instruction about faith and what to do in times of stress. As I cast my worry on you, help me be bold and strong while facing my fears. In God’s name, I pray, Amen.

  • First, write out your fears where it says, “I fear…” (your fear statement is below the faith). Are you worried about COVID-19? Your marriage? Work? The toilet paper supply? Whatever your worries, write them out and hand them over to God.
  • Then, slowly read the Faith verses listed above your fear statement. You might find it helpful to highlight these verses in your Bible as well. Now write out the verses. I used different colors for the faith verses and my fear statement.
  • Close in prayer by asking God to take each fear you wrote and replace it with faith.

I’ve read that writing out what is going on in our head helps us release it and let it go. It’s no longer trapped there in our head.

If you like this Faith over Fear prompt, be sure to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss the next prompt. Have a blessed day!

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