Save the Bees πŸ

Save the bees. Save the planet. Bees are an important part of this planets ecosystem.

Did you know that almost 90% of plants rely on pollinators such as, bumblebees, moths, honeybees, and other insects to reproduce? 🐝 πŸ¦‹Β 

There are 4,000 different types of bees in North America. Most are the less noticed bees than the honey bee, but just as important to pollination. Sadly, their numbers are on the decline.Β 

Many species are in danger of being wiped off this planet. Some have already gone the way of of the dinosaurs.

Save the bees. Save the planet. I created this watercolor bumblebee 🐝 for my love of this insect but I can do more to save these bees.

Purchase any design with the β€œSave the Bees” in the Have Faith Studio shop at Redbubble and a portion of the proceeds will 🐝 donated to




@planet_bee planet_bee is a STEM program that inspires the next generation to take action and save the honeybee. *I am not affiliated in any way with Planet Bee, nor paid for my endorsement. I came across this foundation when researching ways to help save bees.

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