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This week, work was very stressful, and frustrating. A bang-your-head-against-a-wall kind week. Although, it wasn’t as bad as the guy who accidentally sent out a Nuclear attack warning to all of Hawaii. Sorry, dude. But, there was a bright, shining spot in the week when I sold an original piece of art! {Insert angels singing here.}

It was a little 6×6 watercolor piece that I posted in Instagram. With the selling of my this piece, I guess that means I can officially call myself a watercolor artist?

The person who bought the piece (I will write a post about it later) is the most uplifting person I know. If I could pick anyone’s attitude to have, it would be hers. I don’t think she knows how to be depressed or even a bit irritated. She always sees the good in people.

Quite the opposite of my attitude, which is more of a classic tortured artist-type heaping with perfectionism, a dash of sarcasm, and bit of cynicism thrown in. I am a ‘glass half empty’ type rather than a ‘glass half full’. I believe people have to fight to be good humans and many struggle. I am a realist, people.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be inspired by, or aspire to be better. Like I said, fight to be good…or sometimes fight to think happy thoughts.

This new art owner inspired me to finally get some new creations into my Have Faith Studio Shop over at Redbubble. {Drum roll, please…}

He Counts The Stars Collection

christian gifts, bible verse art, watercolor, have faith shop, have faith art

He Counts The Stars Collection features Psalm 147:4. “He counts the stars and call them all by name.” -Psalm 146:4. He created everything, the heavens and the earth, and every living creature on earth. I live in the city, so seeing the stars is not happening. I have to get away front the city lights. Galaxies have been the object of my watercolors lately.

The Dive Deep Collection

dive deep, whale watercolor, whales, inspirational gifts

The Dive Deep Collection features a watercolor whale diving from out of the deep. I love this quote because it says, you have a choice, you can dive deep and get where you want to be, but drowning is your choice, so you should never give up.

Visit Have Faith Studio Shop for these and other designs.


Over on Have Faith Everyday Blog: Let go…of high expectations at work? Yes, that is the question I am asking. Should we, or shouldn’t we?

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