From my Studio: Custom Watercolor Invitation

What do you get the friends who have everything? Dinner out so they don’t have to cook or clean up!

I painted this custom watercolor invitation for some friends. We will be treating them to dinner out this week, because breaking bread with friends is a great gift.

custom watercolor invitation

I began by sketching out the type and loose design of the watercolor.

custom watercolor invitation

I started the leaf painting, and even though I wasn’t liking it, I forged on.

custom watercolor invitation

I got this far and decided I really didn’t like the design at the top. So, I started over. I encourage anyone who isn’t liking what they are putting down on paper to just stop and start over. My teenager is notorious for fighting her art. She gets so frustrated when it’s not turning out they way she sees it in her head. She thinks she has put so much time and effort into this piece that isn’t working that she can’t stop. She has a hard time of letting that piece go and starting over. She tries to make it work.

I say, “Start over and make it better.”

custom watercolor invitation

So, I did start over.

custom watercolor invitation

I like the flowers at the top much better. And, I added the watercolor ornament to the packaging of the gift too!

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