From my Studio: Native American Watercolor

So, when I say “from my studio” what I really mean is from my dinning room table because I have lost my studio space to a guest bedroom/game room.

So, my studio is a table which also doubles as a slime production table for my 11 year-old.

C’est la vie.

Native American Wolf and Feather

A few years ago my brother-in-law and sister asked me to draw them a couple of tattoos. They had inspiration for each but wanted me to add my own touch. My brother-in-law has some Native American heritage and is drawn to that style of art.

native american watercolor, wolf and feather meaning

I hadn’t seriously draw much of anything for some time. Again, that’s life. But, I was up for the challenge. I will admit I started over three times. FYI, it’s okay to start over. If your art is not going as you envisioned, start on a new sheet of paper. Don’t fight it. Just start over. Nobody will know unless you tell them, like I just did.

The dilemma this year was what to get both of them for Christmas that they don’t already have? A watercolor of their tattoos! (Which they have yet to have tattooed on their body. But how cool is that? My art will, someday, be on their body…forever.)

native american watercolor, wolf and feather meaning

There is symbolism in the wolf and feather in Native American art. To be given an eagle feather is considered a great honor and sacred. They represent honesty, strength, wisdom, courage, among other honorable traits. Eagles roam the skies and are believed to have a special connection with God. (Source)

The wolf represents different things to different tribes but in general the wolf is revered. In the wild, wolves mate for life, which gives a strong connection to family. My brother-in-law definitely has that as one of his characteristics. (See Source and some beautiful Native American Art)

wolf and feather watercolor

I do not consider myself a Native American artist so, in the end, I hope I did right by their art and culture. I know my brother-in-law loves his new art.

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