We are all a hot mess and we need Jesus

Life is messy. And if you have kids, it’s really messy. If we are honest, my friend, we are all a hot mess.

In today’s world it’s not easy to admit that we don’t have it all together. It’s hard not to envy the glossy styled homes pictured in magazines; or the Pinterest food too pretty to eat; or our fabulous Facebook friends going on fabulous trips in their fabulous cars with their fabulous kids and fabulously styled hair.

Here’s a little secret: they are only posting what they want us to see. Behind the fabulous is a hot mess.

we are a hot mess and we need Jesus

A few years ago, at Christmas Eve service we received the above messy ornament.

It’s a wonderful reminder that…

Number one, we are all a hot mess.

Number two, Jesus was born in a hot mess called a stable. {Luke 2:1-20} That stable was a mess with cows, donkeys, and sheep beside Him. He was laid in a manger, a.k.a. a trough for feeding animals. I am sure Mary tried to clean it the best she could, but it was still a trough. And, if you’ve ever been in a barn you know it stinks! Imagine giving birth in a barn.

And number three, Jesus was sent for the messy people, not for those who have it all together. {Mark 2:17} Jesus loves to meet us right in the middle of our hot mess, because that is when we need Him the most; and it’s when we listen to Him the most.

I pray that we remember that the next time our life gets real messy. He’s right there with us, knee-deep in the mess keeping us from being buried in it.

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